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Bruno Schmidt Marques
BSM Simple

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May 11 2011
Thank you for report this bug. I already use Debian, but just the "stable" releases, so my XFCE version is 4.6.

I'll update the theme as soon as possible, probably tomorow.

Are you using the 1.2 theme version? I rewrite the XFWM Dark theme, it's amazing now!!! =) - Apr 23 2011
Thank you! I wish you come back here in the next releases... - Apr 18 2011
I've tried to reproduce the bug in a VM (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS), but it's all good.

Try execute this sequence as ROOT:

- Apr 18 2011
chmod -R 777 /usr/share/themes/BSM* - Apr 18 2011
I think your problem is permission. Try make the theme folders (and sub-folders/files)as read-only to others users.

This command may solve the problem (run as ROOT): chmod -R 750 /usr/share/themes/BSM*

Did it solve it? - Apr 18 2011
BSM Simple 1.1 released. I put some thanks in changelog, you should check it. =) - Apr 16 2011
Thanks!!! I really enjoy your help. I've included all your bugfixes in the 1.1 release, which will be avaliable in the next minutes.

This new release also include others bugfixes and a better metacity theme (a little bit larger)

I hope you like the change and keep using, reporting bugs and improving the theme. I think that's the spirit of free software. - Apr 16 2011
I just fix it, but I'll wait a little more to include another features to the theme. Thanks again. - Feb 16 2011
Thanks for your reporting, I'll work to fix this bug as soon as possible. - Feb 07 2011
I use XFCE too. You can edit panel.rc file. There's one style, "theme-panel2", wich is used only for XFCE.

Change these lines:
xthickness = 0
ythickness = 0

For this: (older version)
xthickness = 3
ythickness = 1

But I have to warning you: many "bugs" like ugly icons, can appear, depending your panel size.
- Feb 02 2011
I use XFCE too. You can edit panel.rc file. There's one style, "theme-panel2", wich is used only for XFCE.

Change these lines:
xthickness = 0
ythickness = 0

For this: (older version)
xthickness = 3
ythickness = 1

But I have to warning you: many "bugs" like ugly icons, can appear, depending your panel size.
- Feb 02 2011
I use XFCE too. You can edit panel.rc file. There's one style, "theme-panel2", wich is used only for XFCE.

Change these lines:
xthickness = 0
ythickness = 0

For this: (older version)
xthickness = 3
ythickness = 1

But I have to warning you: many "bugs" like ugly icons, can appear, depending your panel size.
- Feb 02 2011
I changed the spacing panel for various reasons, but especially because the new themes for gnome are this.

So, to avoid notification-area bugs with new icons themes, and keep the updated look, I decided to change the spacing. - Feb 02 2011
I think I fix it. Please, try to install the new package, BSM Simple 1.0.

I would really appreciate some feedback. It's OK now? - Feb 02 2011
Thanks! It always will be like this: simple engines, simple to install, and great to use daily. - Feb 02 2011
Yea, I have an idea, this happens because Evolution use specials GTK components (really, bugs with evolution are common).

I'll install Evolution and work on a solution for your problem. Thanks for reporting.

One thing that will help me a lot is a screenshot. Can you send me one?

Thanks again.

- Feb 02 2011
Thanks for your suggestion. I've been working on this theme last month, and I decided remove the frame on tabs, as you said.

I'm creating the 0.9 package, wich will be avaliable in the next hours.

Thanks again for your comment. - Feb 01 2011
I won't promise to you, but there's a big chance to it be included in the next release. - Sep 06 2010
You're right, that's a bug. I've tried to fix it, but could not.

When the bug were fixed, I'll include it into a new package. If you subscribe the theme, you'll know when it happen.

You can help me reporting bugs fixes for gtkrc file. If it works, I'll put the deserved credits in the description.

Thanks for reporting. - Sep 02 2010
Seems like you don't have the other BSM folders, just BSM Simple Dark, but it shoudn't make any difference.

Double check if the folders exist:
-ls ~/.themes/BSM*

If the folders are OK, could be a permission problem. Try make:

-chmod 750 ~/.themes/BSM*
-chmod 750 ~/.themes/BSM*/*
-chmod 750 ~/.themes/BSM*/*/*
-chmod 750 ~/.themes/BSM*/*/*/*

Finnaly, if nothing works, try to extract the package in /usr/share/themes folder (you need to be root to do this).

I hope that works.
- Sep 02 2010
I just downloaded the theme and installed it in Ubuntu Live CD. Everything ocurred as expected.

There's no "BSM Simple Dark" engine. Maybe you downloaded a corrupted package. The full package's size is 29.9 kb.

Try to download it again and remove the older folders before install the new one.

If the problem persist, please upload an screenshot.
- Sep 01 2010
This theme needs only the clearlooks engine, which came instaled by default in almost distros, like Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, Slackware, Mint, PCLinuxOS, etc...

Maybe you have an old copy. Try delete the BSM folders (rm -rf ~/.themes/BSM\ Simple*) and reinstall the newest version.

Don't make a mistake with the icons: this package provide only the GTK, Metacity and XFWM themes. To make your desktop look exactly as the screenshots, download Elementary, Faenza and Awoken Icon themes.

If nothing above works, please take a screenshot and put it at or, than I can see the error.

Thanks for reporting. - Sep 01 2010
Thanks! If you're using gnome, check out the 0.8 version, that include a lot of gnome's bugs fixes. - Sep 01 2010
Thanks! - Sep 01 2010
Thanks! I'm glad that you like it. - Apr 25 2010
My Elementary EM

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May 29 2010
What's your metacity theme? I didn't find it on the ZIP.

(Why ZIP and not tar.gz?)

Thanks in advance. - May 29 2010
elementary Icons

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Apr 09 2010
Now it's working...but I shure that it didn't on weekend.

Thanks for reply. - Apr 29 2010
I have recommended your iconset as a default iconset to my friends, but now they can't download the package because the link's broken. Can you fix it as soon as possible? - Apr 25 2010
BSM Archlinux Pack

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Mar 28 2010
Thank you for the comment. I'm glad that you like it. Take a look in my other artwork, all includes the "BSM" on name. - Mar 31 2010
BSM idiot pack

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Mar 31 2010
I posted the credits here, but it disappeared or is in another theme (because my desk's mess. I have to clean it)


So, thanks for pragmart2 for the original idea and the logo.I'll link yours as a download.

Sorry about that. =( - Mar 31 2010

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Mar 30 2010
Hey, I made a wallpaper based in yours. Do you autorize me to post it here, in I'll preserve the credits for the original idea. Thanks! - Mar 31 2010
Simple Archlinux Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Jun 02 2009
Could you make an transparent file, please? - Mar 29 2010

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Jul 04 2010
Hey, I enjoy your theme. But is missing some usual apps:

I using XFCE 4.6 on Debian. Could you include these apps in next release?

Thanks! - Dec 26 2009
BSM Suite

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Jul 08 2009
Thanks. I'll fix it soon, when I include a new style: BSM Compact. - Jun 11 2009
I test 0.6 version with live CD of Ubuntu 9.04 and Firefox 3.0.10. It should finnaly fixed now. - May 21 2009
Problem solved (I hope). Please install the new package and tell me if it's fixed or not. - May 21 2009
OK. I'm downloading Ubuntu 9.04, and it will ends only at 8:30 PM. So, I think that tomorrow the bug should be fixed. - May 20 2009
First I need to find a distro and a version of Firefox with the same problem. Then I can try fix it. What's your distro and firefox's version? Do you install a engine by yourself (Murrine SVN, for example)

Thanks for reporting

(sorry by my english) - May 19 2009
I never had a problem like this with my theme, but already see this on other themes. I use Icedove 3.0.6.

Is better if you post a screenshot, but is really hard fix a bug when it's not appear here. I'll try fix it. - May 19 2009
Hey, New Soft BSM's release candidate is post. Take a look here:

And leave a suggestion, please. I hope that you like. - Feb 15 2009
You can change it. Follow this steps.

1. Open the file: ~/.themes/Soft Blue BSM/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

2. Change the line 17. You can make this in two ways:

a)Include a "#" before the line, like this:

BEFORE: include "panel.rc"
AFTER: #include "panel.rc"

b)Just delete line 17.

3. Save and exit. Maybe a logout and login will be needed. - Feb 11 2009
When I create this theme, this's exactly the objective. I really hope that people like this in the same way that you like.

Thanks! - Feb 10 2009
Thanks! I really like open the theme and read your comment. This inspired me to include other colors and work in a new theme. Thank you very much! - Feb 10 2009
Tango Generator 3

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Feb 15 2008
The site is always offline. How can I download it? - May 19 2009
Flat BSM

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May 19 2009
Thank you for the comment.

Please, take a look in BSM Suite. Flat BSM was moved there.
- May 19 2009

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Mar 19 2009
Hi. Can you make a version without ubuntu logo, or with a debian logo?

Thanks! - Mar 19 2009
Aurora Leopard BSM

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Feb 27 2009
Ok. I'll try. Thanks for suggestion. - Mar 18 2009
Thanks for the comment. Did you try use the Aurora Leopard BSM Dark?

The dark version's font's white.

But, if you wanna use the gray version, try do this:

1. Open GTKRC file (~/.themes/Aurora Leopard BSM/gtk-2.0/gtkrc)

2. Go to line 406.(ythickness = 3) Create a new line after that.

3. Paste this:
fg[NORMAL] = "#ffffff"
fg[ACTIVE] = "#fffff"
fg[PRELIGHT] = "#fffff"
fg[SELECTED] = "#fffff"
fg[INSENSITIVE] = "#ffffff"

The "#ffffff" equals white. You can change this for other color, like gray (#ededed) red (#ff0000) or pink (#ff00ff). Use the RGB hex code.

4. Save file and exit. Maybe a logout and login will be necessary.

PS.: The GNOME BAR (Application, Places, System) is a button, and the font will have the color of button's fonts, not the color of panel's fonts. I can't fix it yet. You can use the Menu Applet, it show only a icon. - Mar 11 2009
Hey, take a look in the package now (0.3 version). I include a Dark theme. I hope that you like.

I'll appreciate if you send me your opinion.

Enjoy!!! - Feb 25 2009
Ubuntu Dust

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Sep 08 2008
Hi. I'm have problems with Thunderbird's fonts colors. Take a look in screenshot:

How can I fix it? - Feb 17 2009

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Feb 08 2011

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Feb 03 2011

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Dec 26 2009
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Feb 10 2009

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