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1 day ago
Thanks for replying.

Forget about my remarks regarding inclusion/exclusion filters ;-)
When re-reading the manual it makes sense. If possible, a dimmed inclusion filter in create mode would be nice.

Thanks for the info regarding job size. Somewhat related to this is the max. single file size for burning a DVD e. g. with K3b. I'm no expert and couldn't find information that seem authoritative about why this 4 GB limit exists, some saying it can be bypassed, others saying you should not.

Anyhow, related to PeaZip: "4.7 GB DVD" obviously didn't work (it created a file of 4.7 GiB = 4.38 GB, 4700372992 bytes to be precise), neither "4 GB (max FAT32 file size)" (file created was indeed 4 GB = 4294967296 bytes). However, something smaller like trying with 4000 MB (3.9 GB or 4194304000 bytes) worked for burning a DVD. Perhaps a better way would be to create filesizes of approx. 1/2 of 4.38 GB. I'm not sure if such a proposal could be incorporated in the manual (or an according filesize to be selected in PeaZip).
- Sep 06 2007
I would like to join in saying thanks for the good work.

May I add some comments (Version 1.9) from an average first time user perspective; some may have been written or may be known already:

When starting with the main menu and choosing "Create archive ..." I notice that "use advanced filters" will only allow to add exclusion filters. This seems ok, but when reading the manual this may be confusing. When opening an archive, both inclusion and exclusion filters can be found. Probably that makes sense except for a beginner.

How can I add hidden folders/files? Some software allow a right mouse click to "show hidden files". But when clicking with the right mouse button, an "access violation" occurs and PeaZip freezes.

When removing an object in the archive view (I had to e. g. because of too large sizes - what is the max. for a "create" job anyway?) and restarting with "create" then the object is not shown, but still isn't really removed and wants to be processed.

I appreciate of course to be able to choose the volume size in the options menu. I wonder if somehow a note could be given (perhaps only in the manual?) about the 4 GB limit for DVD (in some cases), it's not really a PeaZip issue though.

But again, thanks for the good programme.
- Aug 19 2007