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Peter Grasch Graz, Austria
This is great work!

Thanks for the great theme and it comes with even better documentation - I know how boring writing documentation can be so: Two thumbs up! - Apr 30 2009

Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

I'll also post this to the sf bugtracker, but:

You still have a $QTDIR/bin/qmake in your configure script. This will not work if QTDIR is not detected properly (which it isn't). Removing the $QTDIR/bin/ fixed the problem for me (should work as long your qmake is in your path).

The background issue is gone now! Thanks!

(If i find another bug, I'll open a bug in the bugtracker...) - Aug 13 2007

Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

Oh and one other thing: Is there a problem with drawing backgrounds to widgets?

Because the mainwindow of simon (qt4) looks like this:


plastique (or motif/windows/cde/cleanlooks/...):

The (simple) code for drawing the background is this:

//setting Background
QLinearGradient bg(QPointF(1, 1), QPointF(900, 550));
bg.setColorAt(0, QColor(70, 120, 190));
bg.setColorAt(1, QColor(25, 60, 130));
QPalette p(palette());
p.setBrush(QPalette::Background, bg);

Help would be appreciated!

(sorry for the double-post but I didn't find a way to edit the previous post...) - Aug 12 2007

Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

Sadly the configure-script of the style failed here on (k)ubuntu 7.10.

Firstly it is unable to check for qt as ubuntu uses the distributed-directory approach (includes in /usr/include/qt4 and /usr/lib/qt4, etc.) so the check for $QTDIR/bin/qmake fails...

If I execute qmake directly, the make fails to find the fixx11h.h include file (which is located in /usr/include/kde).

If I edit the Makefiles Makefile.bespin and picturepusher/Makefile.bespin manually (adding INCLUDEPATH += /usr/include/kde to the .pro-file didn't work...) and add -I/usr/include/kde to the INCPATH variable it compiles (and works!) cleanly...

And it looks great! :) - Aug 12 2007

Video Apps by bedahr 5 comments

Yes, but even if it is high quality - it doesn't even come close to a nice 1080p trailer.
And if it would - I wouldn't have the internet connection to watch it.

Thanks for the tipp though - I haven't seen this one yet! Bookmark! - May 21 2007

Video Apps by bedahr 5 comments

That's odd... a friend of mine just reported me the same problem... That's strange because everything works fine here (qt-4.3-rc1).

I'll look into it asap. (Maybe tonight...)

Thanks for trying it out and for the comments!

As for the apple button: integration is not yet working. But it's planned! (look at the roadmap) - May 19 2007

PDF Software by misuj1am 60 comments

Same here @ Gentoo...

Any solution to this?

--bedahr - Jan 26 2007

Screensavers by tvb-xxx 130 comments

Just add --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` to your ./configure command.

--bedahr - Dec 04 2006

Network by panzar 43 comments

Would you consider extending your tool to include proxy on/off-switching support?

I, for example, have a notebook which I use for home and for work. At home I connect over a wireless network to an access point - without a proxy.

At work I have to use our school's proxy - and I have to reactivate it every time (and deactivate it when I come home).

So a one-click solution for switching the whole network setup from home to work would be great. - Dec 02 2006
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