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GnoMenu Skins by Bear73 15 comments

After installing 10.04 I haven't been able to install or change any themes in GnoMenu.. So I'm afraid I can't help you at this point.
Sounds really weird though ! - May 22 2010
Karmic Koala Gold

Wallpaper Other by bigwolf 3 comments

Voted good on this..
But isn't it a little late. Now that most people are running Lucid ?
Still... wonderful job ! I love it - May 15 2010
NC Light XSplash theme

GDM Themes by nerveclasp 4 comments

Good luck with the exams ! - May 11 2010
Lucid Non-Ugly Theme

GTK2 Themes by shahriarhaque 4 comments

I think , what the good people at Cannonical has come up with, both in terms of the new logo. The new colour scheme and the Radiance/Ambiance theme, is a huge step forward.
It looks good and professional.
Calling it ugly and uploading this blank canvas and calling that less ugly, is a bold move on your part.
The only problem I see, is with the ubuntu-mono icons.
Early on, in the Alpha stage, they introduced some purple colours to the icon set. Now, purple might not be the way to go and it wasn't well recieved in the community.
But isn't it about time we moved away from those orange folder icons ? - May 02 2010
NC Light XSplash theme

GDM Themes by nerveclasp 4 comments

But the nerve clasp ad, right across the picture makes it useless... - May 02 2010
Olive Grove GnoMenu

GnoMenu Skins by Bear73 2 comments

It's up now - May 02 2010

Wallpaper Other by Bear73 3 comments

You're absolutely right.
I've uploaded a new version. - May 02 2010
Miami Beach

GTK2 Themes by Bear73 3 comments

Thank you for your input..
I might consider your idea for the menu.
But white text on a light background... I'm not too sure about that. - Apr 30 2010
Warm Sand

Metacity Themes by Bear73 13 comments

It uses pixmap for the buttons and murrine for the rest.
I have only tested in ubuntu 10.04 - Apr 27 2010
Warm Sand

Metacity Themes by Bear73 13 comments

Hi there azawl
Sorry for the late reply :-(

This is a GTK theme.
+ Metacity
Sorry - Apr 25 2010
Warm Sand

Metacity Themes by Bear73 13 comments

You mean something like this :-) - Apr 23 2010

GTK2 Themes by Perberos 24 comments

Not every ubuntu user likes the winloose look.
One of my main reasons for installing Linux/Ubuntu is, that the win gui looks like shit.
And of course the fact that the virus infected crappy software keeps crashing and destroying the hardware.
My butt hair rises every time I see another windows-look on Gnome-look. - Apr 23 2010
Warm Sand

Metacity Themes by Bear73 13 comments

Is this what you wanted ? - Apr 22 2010
Warm Sand

Metacity Themes by Bear73 13 comments

Eh, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying..
But, I made this theme for me to use.
And the discrete buttons was the main reason for me to do this theme.
Most other themes, have big and chunky buttons. Which to me are, a real eyesore.
Anyway, thanks for your input. But the buttons is one thing, I wont be changing. - Apr 20 2010
We're All Gaza

Wallpaper Other by musl1m 8 comments

It was a big mistake by the UN to give the jews their own land.
The UN never admits, that they are wrong and therefore the jews can continue to deploy their terrorism against their neighbours. With full US military backing..
The jews are the main reason for the strained relations between the east and the west.
They have illegally occupied the Gaza strip for over forty years.
The UN should have stopped that in 1967.
The only solution here is not peacetalks. But for the UN to demand that the Jews should pull out of the occupied terretories.
And a strong trade embargo should be deployed towards Israel, untill they are gone from Gaza. - Apr 07 2010
My Ambiance

Metacity Themes by Bignono 11 comments

I didn't notice the changes to the buttons...
That looks very nice and clean.

Personaly, I've removed the buttons.
I have assigned some of the buttons on my keyboard to perform those tasks.
Pressing a key, is so much faster than having to move your cursor up in the corner.
It's a silly win 3.1 idea. that somehow still exists.
Imagine that instead of right clicking your mouse. You had to left click and then press a button up in a corner.
That would be silly and so is the min. max. close buttons.
So, instead of using the ubuntu forums to discuss whether the buttons should be on the right or left. We should discuss whether they should be there at all !

Sorry, Bignono.
This has nothing to do with your excellent work. I just wanted to say it. - Apr 07 2010
My Ambiance

Metacity Themes by Bignono 11 comments

But as you mentioned yourself. That change is made in gconf. !? - Apr 06 2010
My Ambiance

Metacity Themes by Bignono 11 comments

It looks the same to me.
What have you changed ? - Apr 06 2010
New ubuntu slogan

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mtax 11 comments

It should read ; You are retarded.
Unless, ofcourse, you are calling Mtax it.
A picture can't be retarded.

re·tard·ed   [ri-tahr-did]
characterized by retardation: a retarded child.
(used with a plural verb) mentally retarded persons collectively (usually prec. by the): new schools for the retarded.

Anyway.. I'm an Ubuntu user ( and have posted a purple wall ) and I don't get offended by this, at all.
I actuallly think it was quite funny.

Oh and gay means happy, right ?
So put a smile on your face... - Apr 06 2010
Bad Drops

Wallpaper Other by azmo35 2 comments

Very nice artwork - Apr 05 2010

Wallpaper Other by Rumbler22 3 comments

Oh.. That's why the shops are closed..
Still.. Doesn't look like your average easter egg. - Apr 04 2010

Wallpaper Other by Rumbler22 3 comments

Is it wrong to get turned on by something made out of marble?.. She's hot IMHO
Anyway... Those eggs
What's that all about ? - Apr 04 2010
Bill Recomend Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by paradoxnazi 6 comments

And you've used the old ubuntu logo... and colours. - Apr 04 2010
win4ubuntu baby pink

GTK2 Themes by ajparag 8 comments

Hmm.. beautiful females ?
I would think, more like small girls, like tweenies.
But a nice way to get them to choose Linux.
Thumbs up, from me, on this one.
I'm missing a screenshot, that includes some open windows. As this doesn't show the theme.. only the wallpaper - Apr 03 2010
BSM idiot pack

Wallpaper Other by brunomarquesbr 4 comments

This makes no sense..

First of all, it should read ; Don't be an iDiot.
Secondly, I had to look at pregnant2's wallpaper, to understand what this was about.
It would have been better, if you just took the original and made that one transparent - Apr 01 2010
Ubuntu 10-04-01 "Pristine Penguin"

Wallpapers Ubuntu by MadeInKobaia 7 comments

Nice pic
It must have taken you a long time to make...
I especially like the small group of polarbears in the distance :-) - Apr 01 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

So this must-do list you mention..

Is that copyrighted by god.

The Ten Commandments

1: 'I am the lord thy god; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.'

meaning: I am a dictator. You must not think for yourself.

2: 'Thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in vain.'

The second most important thing in life is... Don't say god

3: 'remember thou keep holy the sabbath day'

Remember to take a nap and watch some football on sundays

4: 'Honor thy father and thy mother.'

Even if your father is a murdering rapist who killed your mother. You must do as he says.

5: 'Thou shalt not kill.'

The old testament and history is full of christians killing in the name of god.
So that would be breaking rule number 2 + 5

6: 'Thou shalt not commit adultery.'
7: 'thou shalt not steal.'

These two are quite obvious.
It sholn't be necesarry to write this in a to-doo list.

8: 'thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.'

You shouldn't tell your neighbor, that god excists

9: 'thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife.'

Don't fondle your neighbors wife

10: 'thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods.'

Don't fondle your neighbors testicles - Mar 24 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

Oh, like Superman
Why don't you believe in him instead.. - Mar 24 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

1. What is he then ?

2. There are too many - Mar 24 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

Science can not disprove that there's a Santa, Superman, Spiderman, Lock ness monster or the jolly green giant...

So. do you believe in them as well ? - Mar 24 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

According to someone in here, there are 2 billion christians...
Although this, ofcourse, is a wildly exaggerated number. There still is a lot of them out there.

You say that god hear your prayers..

If I had to listen to 10 whining christians every day, my head would explode !

How and why, would he listen to 2 billion whining bastards every day... - Mar 24 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

Monkeys come from Africa :-) - Mar 24 2010

GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs 7 comments

Nice job - Mar 24 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

This sounds like something from Scientology.
What a load of brainwashing bullshit.

I could use the same kind of arguments to "prove" that the moon is a giant cheese.

It is so far away, that you can't smell it.
And because you can't smell it. You don't know for certain that it doesn't smell like cheese.
And because it might smell like cheese, theres a great possibillity that, it is in fact a cheese. - Mar 23 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

Ah yes, we're not monkeys...
The earth is flat and nothing has changed for billions of years.
In fact Linux, has been around since God made earth.
Look out of your little cubicle and you will notice that evolution is happening every day..
Mankind is moving forward thanks to science.
It happens. And praying to God that it wont, doesn't help you. - Mar 23 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

Or is it Mepiss ?

First of all. Let me make it perfectly clear to you...
God does not excist. He is a fictional character in a book. Just like Harry Potter.

You call me a fanatic, because I say I can't respect christians.

Your silly reason, for making this claim is that I haven't met all 10.000 christians, or whatever the number is.

So, let me ask you this ;
Do you respect rapists and murderers or are you a fanatic as well ?

To respect someone, you have to acknowledge his beliefs and what he stands for.

And since, religious beliefs are so far away from my own. I can safely say, that I will never respect a christian.

I can say that without being fanatic. Just as I can say, I could never respect a rapist. - Mar 23 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

The correct answer to your question is 54.

Not 42 +1

But if you keep writing +1 emough times you will eventually get to 54. - Mar 23 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

We are monkeys...
Just look in the mirror and you'll see. - Mar 23 2010
French Minister

Wallpaper Other by uggi 25 comments

your indignation is just and acceptable...
but the way is offensive and generalizes
I hope you reconsider your idea

I ask You:
Why your indignation is only for pedophilia in France and not for pedophilia ?

--- Original post by uggi----- - Mar 23 2010
Purplubuntu (Purple Ubuntu) Chrome theme

Various Gnome Stuff by chileubuntero 8 comments

Thank you, chileubuntero
I tried this and it works - Mar 23 2010
Elementary Menu

GnoMenu Skins by algalord 1 comment

Works well with the elementary theme - Mar 23 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

This has been interesting...
But as always, when you talk to defenders of the almighty. They start repeating themselves and you end up saying, their probably right. Just to shut them up...
Ten-four rubberduck... I'm landing this baby...

So goodbye, you silly knickets
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry...

May the force be with you - Mar 23 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

I don't go around calling theists names.
And I'm not a fanatic.

But knowing my history, I could never respect a christian. - Mar 23 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

When we, meaning people that live in a predominant christian society, talk of religion. There is only christianity and islam..
All that came before is referred to as mythology.
Religion, is one allmighty god, that you have to obey.
There is a long list of things you can and may not do.
The problem with that is that it was written 2000 years ago.
And what was acceptable then, might not, or should not be, acceptable today, in our global society.
Both the Koran and the Bible needs some serious updates. A lot have happened in 2000 years.
Take the example of pork.
At the time the koran was written, hygiene was a serious problem. Bacteria was deadly. And pigs had a lot of bacteria in them.
So, in order to secure public health, they wrote in the koran, that pigs were dirty.
A good move, at the time but not really relevant in 2010.
If you're studying at college, you want new books. You don't want books that are a hundred years old. Because a lot has happened in 100 years. New discoverys and methods to do things.
Yet, christians are happy to read and rely on a book that is 2000 years old.

As for mythology..
The big difference is, that gods were equals.
The gods, might be powerful, but they didn't interfere with our daily lives.
They represented the forces of nature.
You could offer gifts to the gods, for them to help you.
But you could quite happily go on with your daily life without worrying about wether god will approve of what you are doing.
It was a more natural interaction, than the dictatorship of the one god. - Mar 23 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

You must understand, that this religous virus has been around for 2000 years. It has infected every part of our society.
You might know someone, who calls himself an Atheist and he might believe he is.
But much of your beliefs is based on what you are being taught as a child.

So being an Atheist, you can still build much of your beliefs on christian values.

I have never met an homophobic, so I can't judge on that.

But I live in a liberal and free country, where religion has very little power over people. So that's probably why...

We were the first country in the world to allow gay marriages and right now the politicians are debating on the problem that there are still some priests who refuse to perform gay marriages....

So you see
It does make a difference, when religion looses it's power and people start thinking for themselves. - Mar 22 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

What common beliefs is that ?
The only thing that they have in common is that they don't believe in themselves.

And the reason that people are racists is because christianity teaches them to hate everyone that is different.

If you look at USA, you can see the two go hand in hand.
Racism has always been the strongest, in places and time where religion is strong. - Mar 22 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

First of all.
This wall is funny. That's all. It's not an attack on anyone.
And burning priests can be seen as a metaphor like, burning your bridges.
Religion is and has always been a tool of oppression. For the few to gain power and control over the masses.
And although the majority of christians and muslims are friendly people. The fact is that religion build walls between people who otherwise could have lived together in peace.
The US wouldn't have a reason to hate half of the world.
There wouldn't have been a 9/11.
And the middle east would be a peacefull place.
Religion is and has always been about hating people that are different from yourself.
Christianity was started by someone who hated the Romans and the bible was written to make the chosen ones believe that they were better than anyone else.
If you think you are better and don't believe your fellow beings to be equal to you. You end up with a world that is like...well like the one we have today.
A world full of hate and mis-trust in one another.
I don't hate people for their beliefs.
I hate what affect, their beliefs has on our society. - Mar 22 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

Religous symbols are offensive to me and a sign of oppression.
And there's plenty of that crap online. - Mar 22 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

Being free-minded does not make me a hater...
mtax and I, live in Europe and our history is filled with the terror and blodshed carried out by the priests.
That they still, in this day and age can be allowed to do this kind of thing, shows just how single-minded and corrupt, the christian society is.
You say you want useful stuff on this page. You have over 800 uploads and i find none of it useful. But others might.
So who should judge, what is useful or not.
I certainly find this wall useful.
Because it made me laugh.
And we need laughter in a world full of priests and psychopaths.
And on the subject of bad voting.
I wouldn't vote something bad just because it's message doesn't fit my beliefs.
You shouldn't either. But being a christian.. You probably have. - Mar 22 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

Here we go again..
People like Starwolf can post their religious propaganda on this site. And no-one says anything.
But the minute a free thinker posts something, it's not ok

The priests burned millions of innocent woman, in the middleages.

And they still think and act, like they did back then.

I say, burn the priests and convert the churches into something useful.

Like education.

And they can start by educating those who attend church now. They need it, the most..

Ohh, sorry, mtax

I just came in here to say your wallpaper rocks.

It made me laugh
Keep them coming - Mar 22 2010
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes
by ubo

Apr 06 2010