10   Nov 30 2019
Excellent! Looking forward to the color variants. Not sure what colors you will use, but it would be nice to have a selection of colors close to the gnome-colors icon set. This theme matches GNOME-Brave(blue) nicely. Dust(brown), Human(orange), Illustrious(magenta?), Noble(purple), Wine(red), and Wise(green) remain. One very minor inconsistency: the text when clicking on the File, Edit, etc. menu in GTK2 apps e.g. Pale Moon, is still black text on blue BG. Keep up the great work, you're killing it.
10   Nov 29 2019
Crisp, clean and readable. Nice colors, too. Great work!
8   Nov 25 2019
I had to tweak some things to make it look right on my system e.g. removing hard-coded font size, but overall it is quite nice. Minor bug: xfce4-weather-plugin font color does not change to match the theme, though it can be changed manually in the applet's settings. Also, thanks for making a nice XFWM theme to match.
9   Nov 22 2019
Getting better. Upped rating to 9. No issues yet and the XFWM theme looks nice. One issue (not with the theme itself): the downloaded tar.gz containing the theme cannot be opened or extracted with Engrampa (the MATE archive manager) v1.20.2, it gives an error message. 7-Zip extracted it fine though.
10   Nov 18 2019
Great work, the colors and contrast are just right for my working environment.

by paulxfce

10   Nov 16 2019
Looks good and performance is speedy. No problems yet (Debian 10 stable with XFCE 4.14). Nice work.
10   Nov 13 2019
Nice work. One of the best classic style themes around. I see many improvements since I last tested it, updated rating to 10.

GTK2 Themes
by etles-team

10   Nov 04 2019
Nice work, it's really good. I like your use of bold font on XFCE window buttons. One thing I'd like to see is hdpi/xhdpi versions of the XFWM theme. Very few themes include them, and would be a welcome addition IMO. Thanks for sharing.
10   Nov 04 2019
Version 1.8 is tops. Changed rating to 10. Keep it up! :)

by paulxfce

10   Oct 29 2019
Great theme. Thank you for updating it for XFCE 4.14.
10   Sep 24 2019
Wow this is really cool. Great work!
10   Sep 23 2019
In XFCE, Punk-Pain and Punk-Sweet look virtually identical. Maybe I'm missing something subtle. Anyway, great work as usual.

GTK3/4 Themes
by bolimage

10   Sep 22 2019
Nice work! Though it's labeled as a "Dark easy on the eyes Gnome theme", it works just fine here on XFCE. Thank you for sharing.
9   Sep 22 2019
Nice theme with some nice variations. Keep up the good work!

GTK3/4 Themes
by Buelligan

10   Sep 20 2019
This is great! It makes computing in a dark environment much more comfortable. Thank you very much!
10   Sep 19 2019
Excellent work! It just might be my new favorite Nord theme.
10   Sep 17 2019
Nice! I have been using a totally Solarized-themed system for a while now, and find it hard to use anything else long-term now. If I had to pick a favorite implementation it would probably be Solarized-Dark-Cyan. Very easy on the eyes. Always look forward to updates for them all though. Many thanks!
Equilux Theme

GTK3/4 Themes
by ddnexus

10   Sep 17 2019
One of the best low contrast themes I've tried. Great work!

GTK3/4 Themes
by etles-team

10   Sep 16 2019
Nice work, it looks great on XFCE 4.14. Thanks for sharing.
9   Sep 15 2019
Very good, don't see a lot of non-flat themes nowadays. Nice work on the XFWM theme too. Thanks for sharing.