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bertram waldner berlin, Germany

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Jun 23 2007
that (-) be missing in the Adress.
correct is
OK baertram - Jun 26 2007
Thanks for the Response.
You can contact me under
We can than talk in german i come from berlin...
Grüß Gott - Jun 24 2007
I would create 1 entree with 7 adresses for the packages. The formular for uploads to kde-apps has 11 slots to do that. Even only 1 slot works !! The first slot. All other slots do nothing. Testet with Konqueror Mozilla (Iceape) and Firefox (Iceweasel).
So i have no with 1 slot (the fist) 7x uploaded in the hope all come in 1 dir.
Nothing ... The Server has 7 Slots createt.
Fixt the fucking formular or that was my last upload ... over and out. - Jun 23 2007
my iceape has only one entree apply and
more entries ignored.

sorry - Jun 23 2007
Tasty Menu

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by mart
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Dec 13 2007
superb applikation i like it. - Apr 30 2007