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Plasma 4 Extensions by CraigD 642 comments

Exactly, this is the only issue that has been keeping me from switching over completely.
There already have been lots of requests to remove automatic grouping here, or at least to add exceptions (which amounts to the same base code, I guess).

It's a simple usability concept: 1 click vs. 2 clicks, and much less mouse movement. If you know where your windows are, have a huge-ass wide screen, and only have 2-3 windows of a certain type - Firefox, editor, you name it - open, then automatic grouping is simply not necessary.

Please please please with cherry on top, make it optional! - Feb 02 2012
Faenza v0.9 + Variants - by jetpack

Icon Sub-Sets by jetpack 37 comments

Hi there,

I, like many others, am unimpressed by Amarok 2.x and have gone back to Amarok 1.4. And I love using the Faenza icons, but sadly there's a regression from the "official" 0.6 KDE set by santgio72 to yours: most icons are missing and make Amarok quite unusable.

This works using 0.6:

This fails using 0.9 from this page:

I'd be very very grateful if you could update those icons as well. I have no idea how to tell which ones are used, but I have complete faith in you! :)

Thanks a bunch,
antoneeo - May 04 2011