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Ok, I feel silly now. It's there, the only catch is that it's named "default", just like other themes I have installed.

If you know how, maybe you could make it so that it's called "Classic White" or something in the Mouse Cursors menu? - Aug 20 2008
Ok, I carefully read directions and now I don't get the error anymore. However, it does not come up in the list of themes available. I have logged out of KDE and restarted the X server.
I have confirmed that there is a Classic-White folder in my .icons folder, which contains an index.theme file. There is also a cursors folder which is full of files. - Aug 20 2008
I have extracted the archive to .icons
When I try to install it through the KDE Control Center, I click on the index.theme file and get the message:
"The file index.theme does not appear to be a valid cursor theme archive."
KDE 3.5.5
Any ideas what I could do here? - Aug 20 2008