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Andres J. Riofrio San Jose, United States of America
Flickr Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by GeorgeNorton 13 comments

If I remember well, there is a plasma component for this kind of things. In theory, at least, one should be able to write a backend for flickr, and then use the Photo applet/plasmoid to access it.

But I have no idea if this has been implemented already nor how to use it. Maybe the says more? - Jul 12 2008
New Website Layout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by falco101 34 comments

I REALLY like the header, its very nice looking. But in the sdeibar, I don't like the borders... what about a treeview similar to the Oxygen style?

just my two cents :) - Jun 21 2008
Email Notify

Plasma 4 Extensions by sifcenter 68 comments

I have the same problem... plasmoidviewere prints:

plasmoidviewer(15698) Plasma::Corona::addContainment: loading of containment"null" failed.
findServiceByDesktopPath: not found
plasmoidviewer(15698) Plasma::LayoutItem::setLayout: layout removed from under us. expect crashes
plasmoidviewer(15698) EmailChecker::EmailChecker: Init
plasmoidviewer(15698) Phonon::KdePlatformPlugin::createBackend: using backend: "Xine"
plasmoidviewer(15698) EmailChecker::run: Thread launched
plasmoidviewer(15698) EmailNotify::paintInterface: update
plasmoidviewer(15698) EmailNotify::paintInterface: update
plasmoidviewer(15698) EmailNotify::setText: setText
plasmoidviewer(15698) EmailNotify::slotCheckEmails: Timer stopped
plasmoidviewer(15698) EmailNotify::paintInterface: update
plasmoidviewer(15698) Plasma::Applet::contextActions: empty context actions
KCrash: crashing... crashRecursionCounter = 2
KCrash: Application Name = plasmoidviewer path = <unknown> pid = 15698
Alarm clock

:) - May 22 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Apoclypse 305 comments

Just tried it. Very nice! Although it's not as pretty as the native Oxygen style, at least my eyes don't have to suffer anymore with that Windows 95 style... :) - Feb 20 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Apoclypse 305 comments


This is what i was waiting for! I can finally have normal-looking GTK-apps again! :) I'll go ahead and try it :).

Anybody know of a kde3-kde4 theme? ;)
- Feb 20 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions by gillespie 28 comments

I installed this using:
$ cmake .
$ make
$ sudo make install

And then closed plasma and opened it again:
$ qdbus org.kde.plasma /MainApplication quit
$ plasma &

But when I click on Add Widgets and search for BBalL, I can't find it.

I am using KDE 4.0.0 in Kubuntu. Any suggestions or ideas? I noticed that cmake configured Makefile to install with /usr/local as prefix, but I don't know how to change this...
- Jan 14 2008
Hungry Penguin

Wallpaper Other by DarthSatan 3 comments

Funny concept, but i think it could be more refined (it's not really a great piece of art :)... - Jul 03 2007