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no drugs, no fun?

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 9 comments

the series "no risk*, no fun" was created as a contribution to a contest, which has for its moto "responsability", so it has to carry a message. - Jun 04 2004

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 6 comments

I use Cinema 4d, it is not available for linux, as no professional graphic (adobe, macromedia,...) is. - Jun 25 2003

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 1 comment

simple, but nice, how did you made the water surface? (probably rendered, but how did you design it?) - Nov 02 2002

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 17 comments

I could not imagine, that the two towers would be that controverse!, but I had to put them there, without it wouldn't be recogniseable. But as some are heavyly offended by them, I will cut them out. - Nov 02 2002
dream of fantasy

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 14 comments

just click on the screenshot, it is a 1024 picture in full quality! - Nov 02 2002

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 4 comments

thanx for your thought, at least it gave me to think: it was impossible to deform the speheres, because I want the model to stay moveable, but I made a collar which smothens the head/body gape. - Nov 01 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by 17andy72 6 comments

, but a very bad idea, we are Kde, not osX! - Oct 30 2002
Spot the fish - PNG with alpha

Wallpaper Other by spacebadger 7 comments

is there some reason for using png?, if not, convert to .jpg, it is a lot smaler! - Aug 27 2002
dream of fantasy

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 14 comments

its no problem for me to post it with a higher resolution, but please tell me, which one you like to have (the dof - project contains two artworks!). - Aug 13 2002
dream of fantasy

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 14 comments

C4D ! - Aug 12 2002

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 5 comments

...for 1280*1024 & 1600*1200 - Jun 16 2002

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 5 comments

the wallpaper is from! - Jun 16 2002

Wallpaper Other by bas 5 comments

well this is, what I call good work!, althow it looks a bit like a advertisment for puma and the fonts doesn't fit to the animal, it is a very good idea! - May 12 2002
Hydroback UPDATE!

Wallpaper Other by bas 4 comments

try to make the face more pastelish, for me it is too colorfull - May 11 2002
bunny II

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 3 comments

I made a png-version on your request, and I was quite surprised, how small the file was; before that I was always afraid of png, because it gets pretty large when the picture has much details and colors. - Apr 07 2002
Blue Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by mfw 1 comment

good work, newbie, don't get irritated by the currently bad rating! - Apr 07 2002

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 3 comments

I'm sorry, I do not know, where to download the keramik-theme, maybe it is not yet the right time to put up such a wallpaper, as the most people do not yet have kde3 with keramik. - Apr 04 2002
KDE Trail

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by kmg-usmc 3 comments

the wallpaper is good, only the kde-logo in the upper right-corner is disturbing; the icon-area shading is a great idea, althou I do also have my icons on the right! - Apr 04 2002
slovenija II

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 8 comments

smisle te slike je preprost: to je parodija na dejstvo, da se razprodajamo. "adaptable colors" se nanaša na prilagodljivost politike, pri "including" je nekaj naših najboljših firm, za elana ne vem, èigav je sedaj, peko so "pofentali", nkb se pa zdaj prodaja; "adaptable to...": naša prilagodljivost tujim gospodarjem, kar amerièani oz. eu reèe, to se zgodi. "fresh": komaj smo samostojni, pa nas že kmalu ne bo veè. - Apr 01 2002
slovenija II

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 8 comments

thanks, I've fixed it now! - Apr 01 2002
slovenija II

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 8 comments

althow this site is dedicated to wallpapers, this picture was not ment as a wallpaper, I just wanted to submit it by sarcastical reasons. - Mar 31 2002

Wallpaper Other by logixtek 11 comments

good work, but what is a copyLEFT?? - Mar 30 2002
Ray of Light

Wallpaper Other by etriaph 2 comments

but this wallpaper is quite difficult to stare at - Mar 29 2002
Klassic Icon Theme (devel)

Icon Sub-Sets by asifalirizwaan 22 comments

good work, but the icons look too simmilar to windows, especially the media file-icons are too obvious that they are from windows. - Mar 21 2002

Various Stuff by logixtek 2 comments

good work!, could you tell me, where to get the dragon: - Feb 18 2002