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rekonq Web Browser

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by adjam
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Jan 12 2014
will arrive with rekonq 3.0!!! - Oct 06 2012
Yes, fixed. Sorry for late reply! - Oct 06 2012
well... did you reported the problems you had? How can you think we can fix a bug without having idea about? We obviously test the "stable" code we release and you should understand that the stability of a "Desktop Environment" product like rekonq depends on all the software stack (qt, webkit, kdelibs, kio, rekonq). - Oct 06 2012
Hi, and sorry for the long late reply.
I don't know exactly the problem you are referring about. Did you report it? What version are you referring? Are you using an old flash version?
I can just say that I use rekonq as my daily browser and I browse weekly (if not daily) the sites you reported and I'm having no crashes there. We just have a known problem (due to qtwebkit) about G+ file upload. - Oct 06 2012
Yes, I usually don't read those messages because they are a lot and (more important) I'm not notified when one message arrives.
Any one knows if there is a notification system to activate for this?

Another important thing is about bugs: please report them on or we will never start working on. - Mar 20 2011
No, they aren't. It's a QtWebkit missing feature. But it seems they are going to solve this in some next releases.. - Mar 24 2010
If you see a little "mattoncino" this means the plugin isn't found from QtWebkit.
First case: check this page ( to read about qtwebkit plugins support - Feb 20 2010
It works well here (anche se saprei giĆ  installare una stampante..)
Please check your Qt (phonon + webkit) installation. - Feb 18 2010
This is really a good idea :D
I'll spend some time about it after 0.4 release.. - Jan 13 2010
This is not possible, sorry (at least for me). What we'll do in 0.4 is a UI redesign to fix problems like this. - Nov 30 2009
it's a bug due to different settings between 0.2 and 0.3. Delete your rekonqrc file, restart rekonq and you'll see it fixed :) - Nov 30 2009
adblock will have it, yes. And cookie handling seems ok also in 0.3. About the fullscreen idea.. don't know if we'll have time for. At least for 0.4 - Nov 22 2009
ok, you convinced me :)
Will investigate on this.. - Nov 22 2009
cool idea! And we just have the technologies to :D
we'll see if it's really possible providing that feature - Nov 22 2009
the mplayerplug-in just work on my system. Please check your webkit related settings - Nov 17 2009
Uhm.. can you be a little more precise? If you stop/kill rekonq (a kde app, in general) after have started a download or a internet connection, it's quite normal download continues to be performed or internet connection continues until it expires.
Hope this responses your question. - Nov 17 2009
you're right, sorry for this. Anyway rekonq will be able to browse ftp sites in 0.4. I'll take a look if there is a "partial" fix for this in 0.3 - Nov 09 2009
uhm.. don't know if this is possible for 0.3.
Will add to 0.4 features :) - Nov 03 2009
secure java depends mainly on Qt Webkit support for it.
We'll see what 4.6 will reserve about :D - Oct 29 2009
Try resetting your cookies and see. This bug has been fixed since 0.2.60. - Oct 28 2009
you'll have it in 0.4 release (February 2010) - Oct 27 2009
this bug has been fixed in rekonq 0.2.60 in gitorious :D - Sep 30 2009
Sure you cannot configure it via the 'configure shortcuts' dialog in rekonq settings?
(I'm at work now and I cannot confirm..) - Sep 23 2009
Yeah, that's the problem. And that's because I said 0.2 is a "quite stable" release.
That's (my) last showstopper to the 1st stable rekonq. I hope anyway 0.3 will be it. - Sep 23 2009
Sorry, I misunderstood your suggestion. Enabled clear button with commit 2ed4b78. - Aug 20 2009
We are working hard on the new urlbar. I'm sorry for this "incomplete" one, but we really like the "one-do-all-bar" idea (krunner based).
About cleaning the urlbar, can CTRL+L shortcut be a solution? - Aug 19 2009
Session Management is scheduled for 0.3 release, our "perhaps first stable" release.
About problems on POST connections (e.g. commenting on this site with rekonq) if you can read this, I (quite surely) fixed it :) - Aug 19 2009
No way, sorry. You need at least kde 4.2.0. Ciao Deer.. - Aug 03 2009
eh eh... thank you for your time to register and write your comment.
I'm really glad to read something like that.
Hope I can implement and/or fix your wishes.

Cheers, - May 03 2009
Yeah, it's just me.. until now. There are three new developers helping me on it from this release.
The icon has been done from.. a child! Feel free to help me providing a better one ..;) - May 02 2009
Done ;) - May 02 2009
That's a terrible bug :-( Really sorry about that. I'm currently working to let setting dialog shine (read, do its bad work..) - Mar 24 2009
yeah..the hardcoded path. I'm fixing this now to search in more places.
Your idea about Open Search is pretty good. I'll try to implement, perhaps this summer.. ;)
The star icon in the urlbar (and the loading color, and different colors for different schemes) will come when rekonq will be quite stable.. - Mar 22 2009
I'm fixing it.. - Mar 22 2009
Thank you, Ivan. I just apllied your patch. I'm going to move code from gitoriuos to kde playground in these days.
Cheers, - Mar 17 2009
yes. - Mar 10 2009
Ok, notz. But now I'm going to release 0.0.4 version with a lot of news. So you'll have them in 0.0.5 (next month). Promised. - Mar 10 2009
Sorry, now I ustand it! I will take a look.. - Feb 22 2009
Yeah! I can confirm the first two bugs, too. I'm working (also) on them. First is just a missing feature, while second is .. a bug!!
I don't ustand your bug, instead. Pls explain me better.. ;)
- Feb 22 2009
I will do it when I will be sure I can manage my code with git svn!!
Perhaps after next release where I'm going to change main application class (singleton app) and add plugins support. - Feb 09 2009
as said, you have to wait for rekonq 0.0.4.. - Feb 08 2009
netscape plugins are on my TODO list, but we need to wait for Qt 4.5. We'll have plugins support in 0.0.4 (hopefully, March).
- Jan 29 2009
I'm really glad you like it!
Obviously there are also a lot of things not working properly. Anyway, code will be not stable until 0.1 release. As said, in this 1st period, 1 release a month to let people see progresses. - Jan 01 2009
Yeah. I started working from Qt demobrowser, same Arora codebase.
Next versions will have more personality! - Dec 04 2008
thank you, miha. - Dec 04 2008
Yeah! When all porting will be finished, you'll have your bookmarks line! I plan doing one release a month in this 1st period. - Dec 02 2008
Yes, sorry. I'm currently working on that. It's just 1st release.. - Dec 02 2008
Wicd Client KDE

Network 90 comments

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Feb 07 2013
A fantastic tool!
I could substitute wicd-gtk in a while, very good job :)

But.. what about letting it be a plasmoid? Or at least also provide it?

Regards, - Dec 13 2010

Graphic Apps 49 comments

by sars
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Oct 31 2016
why the hell there is no source package here? - Oct 15 2009
Score 85.9%
Dec 13 2010