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Martin Kurtz

Wallpaper Other by lucast 3 comments

Hey, nice Wallpaper! But I really wanna have these cpu/net monitors on the left side.

Is it something like gdesklets?

Have a nice day - Aug 16 2008

Conky by acidc00l 21 comments

Hey man,

that a cool Wallpaper you got there. Is here on too?

I haven´t seen it, can you send me the url?

or just post it here as an answer, i checked "notify my by e-mail"

thx - Jul 12 2008
BlueSlide plus some fractal stuff

Wallpaper Other by adieb 3 comments

why not.

as i said, really did no exhausting job :-)
i used BlueSlide which already had a Gnome-Branding.

But it should be possible, to cut it out.
Let me have a trial, i´ll share it then. - Jul 12 2008