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Adelino Rocha Aveiro, Portugal
Plasma 4 Extensions

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Jun 02 2020
tool seems very promissing but I only found 32 bits RPM for QT. Since I have a x86_64 installer asks to install a bunch of 32 bits packages and I don't want to do that.

Where can I find QT variant RPM for 64 bits platforms ?

Thanks. - Dec 27 2013
Facebook Widget (fixed)

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Sep 11 2010
I just retried the widget and is working fine (Fedora 17 / KDE 4.8.4). Are you behind a proxy network ?... that might be the problem. I was not able to make it work behind a proxied network. There are no options because when the widget loads for the first time it will ask your facebook credentials. Next times it shall automatically login as soon a network connection is detected.

Regards. - Jun 21 2012
Hi, first time widget is executed it should ask your facebook login and password. If that is not what occurs please tell what exactly happens - Feb 28 2012
just to add that I just tried the installation using plasmapkg -i and it worked fine (on a Fedora 12 using KDE 4.4.5) - Sep 14 2010
it seems that you might have a KDE problem.
Are you able to successfully install other widgets ? - Sep 14 2010

I'm using Fedora 13 with KDE 4.4.5 but I guess this difference should not affect the installation.

I only tried using the KDE "Add Widgets Interface" and it works fine.

Please follow these steps:

- Download the plasmoid

- Right click on your desktop

- Add Widgets -> Get New Widgets -> select "Install Widget from Local File..."

- Select "Plasmoid: Native Plasma widget"

- Select downloaded .plasmoid

- It shall appear a new "Facebook" widget on the "Add Widgets window"

(You might need to close and re-open the widges UI. I needed to do that in 1 or 2 ocasions).

- Then just pick and drag the Widget to your desktop.

First time widget is loaded it will ask your facebook credentials
Please try and tell if you have any problems.
If you get lost on the steps please send me your e-mail that I will send you some screenshots. - Sep 10 2010