KDE Splash Changer

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by TOD 2 comments

I thought it was "Splash Changer" but not "Random Splash on Each login".

No i wrote:

"The Splash Changer is a script to change the KDE Spashscreen on every login."

And in the Install file:

"3.Logout and look on an random KDE Spash Screen at Login."

I hope i understand you comment right.


TOD - Jul 10 2005
Mplayer Video Browser

Video Apps by TOD 2 comments


gmplayer don't work on my system:

He don't load a gui.Witout error just he don't load the gui.

I don't like the interface from Kmplayer.

So i Write these Scripts.

I hope i can Help


TOD - Jun 07 2005