"Borealis" sound theme

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Great idea!

I'll try to do that today. Thanks for the advice!

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Ico - May 13 2004
Klaptop icons (horizontal)

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you can, just by holding a mouse over the icon. There is also a built-in option in the klaptop that can audibly notify you when the battery is fully charged, hence I made a choice to remove this aspect as it seemed redundant (most of the laptop users I've interacted with do not plug-in laptop to AC just to charge-up but usually stick around working on AC whenever possible, and even if they do then the best way to find out when the battery is full is not by counting pixels in a taskbar but using audible notification from klaptop daemon. - Apr 23 2004
Odd. Not entirely sure why that happens. The only thing that comes into my mind is that you might have downloaded the image from the screenshot rather than the tarball or you may have a custom-compiled KDE desktop, in which case anything goes. Other than that, I honestly have no clue. Sorry! :-(


Ico - Dec 02 2003
Thanks for the positive feedback!

I actually never got to use Gentoo, so I guess I'll have to take your word for it :-).

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Ico - Nov 21 2003