Rainbow cursor theme by Count0.


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Yesterday I searched for new cursors for my new Linux installation, but can't find any that better than my windows cursors I used 5+ years. Now after evening and half of day of work I ready to introduce this work.

Originally I find this cursors in one of the Aston ( http://www.astonshell.com ) themes many years ago. Then Microsoft build's Vista I use their "circle" wait cursor, but only in Windows, not here ;-)

Also I want to say that is VERY little information about how to build own cursors for Linux, and many themes just converted from CursorXP. Because this I suggest to site-owners build "Info" section, and publish my method here:

With Imagine (http://www.nyam.pe.kr/) I extract .ani as lot of .png's (there is a bug with transparency, I must change transparent color to black and back to white before extraction).
Then I build Cursor XP theme from my Windows cursors theme to get Scheme.ini file (it is in the .CurXPTheme zip-archive) to know "Hot spot" X and Y coordinates of cursors.
And after it I convert set of png's to XCur X11 format (see man xcursorgen for details).
After it I see preview with Krusader context menu of another themes to determine how to name my windows-named cursors. After hour of work this is completed (57 files...).

I'm mistake or building cursors for windows is very little EASY? :-))

Anyway, good luck to all, and more unique art works for kde-look.org.

With best regards, Count0.


11 years ago

On Windows i've been using Microangelo and later RealWorld Cursor Editor. On Linux i use Gimp and Inkscape to create the images and then compile the X11 theme with Gursor Maker. Maybe we could start a site/wiki to work on a tutorial?




11 years ago

May be. I think a wikipedia article is enough. But I never post to it and do not know from what to begin =/

I seen Gursor maker then searched for this theme, but it is interface on screenshots shows so simple so I think it is not serious program :-))


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