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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/gottcode/tetzle

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A jigsaw puzzle game that uses tetrominoes for the pieces. Any image can be imported and used to create puzzles with a wide range of sizes. Games are saved automatically, and you can select between currently in progress games.
Last changelog:

Version 2.1.6 1 year ago

* FIXED: Did not load locales with underscores
* Improved Windows deployment
* Replaced deprecated code


12 years ago

This is a cute idea. A bug I found is that the area "under" the rotated (right-click) piece is not correctly cleared. This makes play very difficult at best.

You might look at my java front end for xjig, (erroneously?) posted on kde-apps.org. OK, it's java but the UI has some stuff which could be nice in tetzle as well such as:
1. New game image pane is filled in a background thread. UI is there immediately. Image conversions are backgrounded as well (from most anything to those zjig accepts using imagemagick). Qt4 is supposed to be good at this.
2. Resizing--show and make puzzle practical size. Calculations in background as well.
3. Good starting piece-size calculation (figures sent to xjig command line).
4. An image librarian (gravy).
5. Screen captures (more gravy).




12 years ago

I am unable to reproduce this bug. It doesn't even seem possible, because I clear the OpenGL surface before rendering the pieces every time you move or rotate a piece. If instead you are referring to the fact that when you are holding a piece, rotating it doesn't shove the other pieces away, that was a gameplay decision: if the piece you are holding belongs on the opposite side of another one, you would have to circle around it to connect it, because trying to move over it would push it away.

1.) I will see what I can do. Qt 4 is good about threading, but as far as I am aware things relating to the GUI (such as creating OpenGL textures) have to be done in the GUI thread. However, I should at least be able to create the pieces in a new thread.

2.) It already does calculations on the fly when resizing the window--it keeps the pieces the same size. I view resizing as a way to get a larger play area, not a way to change the play area zoom. If you want to zoom in or out, there's the mouse wheel, the statusbar slider, and the "+" or "-" keys.

3.) The starting size is calculated to show you every piece of the board. Because zooming is so easy, I think when starting a new game it is more important to see the entire puzzle than it is to zoom in on it.

4.) It already tracks what images you have added to play puzzles with. Do you mean some kind of category system?

5.) KSnapshot, gnome-screenshot, xfce-screenshoter-plugin, Gimp's acquire screenshot ability, etc, already allow for screenshots of specific windows or the whole desktop, so I figured that adding in my own version would be a little redundant.

Also, I understand that your game uses xjig and imagemagick, but mine uses neither, so some of your suggestions (while appreciated) wouldn't really work with my code.

Thanks for the input!



12 years ago

>>A bug I found is that the area "under" the rotated (right-click) piece is not correctly cleared. This makes play very difficult at best.<<

Found this in another such program as well! Problem must be in opengl/nvidia legacy driver since theat program can be actively set to not use opengl and the bug goes away.

Now how do I get this to nvidia (and will they fix this for their older hardware)?



12 years ago

I installed an updated nvidia driver. Still has problem.

Note that the piece is painted correctly but when I move the cursor away, then it gets bunged.




12 years ago

Could you provide some screenshots of what you mean?


Version 2.1.6 1 year ago

* FIXED: Did not load locales with underscores
* Improved Windows deployment
* Replaced deprecated code

Version 2.1.5 1 year ago

* Replaced deprecated code

Version 2.1.4 2 years ago

* FIXED: Automatic high DPI support
* FIXED: Unsigned integer conversion warnings in graphics layer
* FIXED: Could not add images with Qt 5.12
* FIXED: Window icon didn't work in Wayland
* Added support for OpenGL ES
* Improved loading locales
* Require Qt 5.9
* Translation updates: Polish

Version 2.1.3 2 years ago

* Replaced jhead with image auto-rotation in Qt 5.5
* Replaced deprecated code
* Extra warnings only shown in debug build
* Improved Linux deployment
* Improved macOS deployment
* Improved Windows deployment
* Translation updates: Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Spanish

Version 2.1.2 3 years ago

* FIXED: Could not compile with Qt 5.10
* Translation updates: Catalan

Version 2.1.1 3 years ago

* FIXED: Did not always install translations in Linux
* Translation updates: German

Version 2.1.0 4 years ago

* Added support for HiDPI displays
* Fade success message after two seconds
* Generate binary translations at build time
* Improved Linux integration
* Replace application icon
* Rewrite OpenGL code
* Switched to C++11
* FIXED: Lag when dragging pieces
* FIXED: Did not change background color on the Mac
* FIXED: Colors were not saved on the Mac
* FIXED: Could not interact with interface on the Mac
* FIXED: Application layout did not respect RTL languages
* FIXED: Was not properly loading Qt translations
* Translation updates: Dutch, Esperanto, German, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish

7 years ago

2013-09-22 version 2.0.3:
* Fixed OpenGL shaders not working in Windows 7
* Fixed build failure on ARM
* Added Malay and Polish translations

2013-02-28 version 2.0.2:
* Bug fixes
* Added Esperanto, French, and Romanian translations
* Added support for Qt 5

2012-05-19 version 2.0.1:
* Bug fixes
* German and Russian translations

2011-05-18 version 2.0.0:
* Redesigned game visuals
* Merged new and open game dialogs
* Rewrote collision detection
* Rewrote OpenGL render code
* Ukrainian translation added by Sergiy Gavrylov

2008-12-21 version 1.2.1:
* Fixed: Tile borders were not correctly scaled
* Fixed: Mouse cursor drifted off pieces when moving

2008-12-17 version 1.2.0:
* Added real collision detection
* Added complete keyboard shortcuts
* Added toggling borders
* Added zooming and panning to overview
* Added retrieving pieces
* Added option to use entire image

2008-07-20 version 1.1.0:
* Added rectangle selecting multiple pieces
* Added support for grabbing multiple pieces
* Algorithm for pushing pieces replaced
* Improved mouse cursor handling
* Code cleanups
* Bug fixes

2008-07-02 version 1.0.2:
* Added image plugins for the Mac and Windows
* Minor bug fixes

2008-06-18 version 1.0.1:
* Added fullscreen mode
* Bug fixes

2008-06-09 version 1.0:
* Added label system for images
* Improved zooming
* Minor bug fixes

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