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It’s time to write documentation for the Murrine's options: the development version in git is really advanced and could emulate an enormous number of styles thanks to the new options and features over the previous 0.90.3 stable release.

But, my time is precious and, as I am not payed to do it and the donations stopped , I can’t invest the same efforts I did in the past.

So, waiting better days, I decided with Kenneth from Ubuntu to open a page in the Ubuntu Wiki (later to be moved on and on the official Murrine website), where themers could help writing a great documentation of this amazing (not because I am the author ) GTK+ engine.

Other major tasks before a new release is to improve RGBA support on few sides… I will definitely look into it in the future, when it will be possible!

If you want to support me in the development of the engine and new themes you could always sponsor me I am thinking about writing down a list of the donors, what do you think?


11 years ago

Potresti aggiornare "murrine configurator", che oramai non funge più!!

Un idea per la guida: Mettere qualche immagine commentata, come nella guida dei temi metacity su live.gnome.

Ho visto che in modalità rgba non supporta i gradienti.



11 years ago

i agree.



11 years ago

Yes,this engine deserve better documentation. It would be much more, nice themes ,if would be exist some explanation of murrine features.


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