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These three themes combine the dark browns and the light tans of the Shiki-Nouveau-Dust theme combined with the green, orange, or red of the Shiki-Nouveau-Wise, Shiki-Nouveau-Human, and Shiki-Nouveau-Wine themes.

I released this a few weeks ago on GNOME-Look and Xfce-Look and decided "why not make an Openbox version of these themes as well?" While I am personally an Xfce user, I decided I'd try my hand at creating an Openbox theme, and here's the end result, complete with the corresponding GTK 2/3 themes, too.

I recommend the GNOME-Colors series of icon themes for this. Also, feel free to combine these things with any fall wallpaper of your choice. Enjoy! :-)


8 years ago

Excellent work on this! Very, very impressed. Will be adopting this (specifically Wise) as the default theme for the next release of the Manjaro Openbox flavour.




8 years ago

Wow...I am humbled. Never did I ever in my wildest dreams expect a theme I created to be the DEFAULT theme in a Linux distribution. Thank you very much, I consider it an honor. Funny thing is, I'm not even an Openbox user (Xfce is my favorite desktop). LOL

BTW, I have an idea for Linux distribution I've been working on in my spare time myself, although I'm going with the blue version of a theme I created just this past week (it's on Xfce-Look, BTW) as its default theme.



8 years ago

Could you please add more color variants to this theme?


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