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This is a port of lassekongo83's ( Dots Emerald
( It's a fantastic theme and I've included a qtcurve theme and a color scheme that almost do it justice. With the update to 0.9, this decoration + qtcurve + color scheme combination is nearly 1:1 in terms of the window decoration. 0 pixel borders! Thanks to skulptor for the improvements and hard work on deKorator for KDE 4.


1. Install DeKorator if you haven't already.
2. Open system settings > Appearance Windows and select DeKorator
as your window decoration.
3. Go to 'Themes', Install the desired tar.gz theme (part of this
archive), select it and apply the paths. Hit 'apply' in the bottom
right corner.
4. If 0 pixel borders isn't working, switch to another window style (like Oxygen) and back to deKorator, or restart KDE.

This will install the basic theme. However, that's not enough to
make it look like the screenshots.

####How to make your windows look like the screenshots####

1. Use the color schemes supplied in this archive, they're the .colors files.

2. Use the QtCurve style and use my included theme.

3. Tweak the Decoration settings of DeKorator in the 'Windows'
section of Appearance. I turn off the menu icon, opting for the button.
Last changelog:

10 years ago

0.8: Release
0.9: 0 pixel borders now work.


9 years ago

Nice theme, clean and smooth!



10 years ago

Good call! I approve of the lassekongo ports.





10 years ago

Once I can get the window decorations 1:1, it will be sooooooooo hot :).


10 years ago

0.8: Release
0.9: 0 pixel borders now work.

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